Our Story



Yes, there is a story behind Memoreze – an interesting and unusual one we think. It’s not a tear-jerking rags to riches story. It’s not a story of a tight-rope walking juggler who was suddenly picked up for a Vegas blockbuster show. And it’s not a story of an awkward teenager achieving insanely outrageous success at modeling. It is instead the story of two friends, whose lives have progressed on almost unbelievably parallel tracks. It is the story of two women, who have had an entrepreneurial streak and who are determined to make it happen. It is the story of two moms, who absolutely adore their kids, yet refuse to accept that it is not possible to be both a wonderful mom and a successful entrepreneur.

Memoreze LLC was founded by the two of us, Deepti Panchawagh-Jain and Smita Dharmaraj. We first met in graduate school at Stanford University, where we were studying to be uber-geeks (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science).We found out that we had both come over some 10,000 miles away from home to the U.S. a few years earlier, to pursue our undergrad studies.

As time passed, our friendship deepened. Our lives progressed in parallel, kind of like furrows on a forehead (no, not our foreheads – they are as smooth as satin!). We each got a Golden Retriever around the same time. Then we had sons around the same time, followed by daughters around the same time. We are both convinced we are rock-star moms (just don’t ask our kids!). Then, after over a decade of pursuing our respective careers, we both decided to change direction and stoke our entrepreneurial drive. Over the years, we had discussed many times how great it would be to start something together, and finally, the time was right and Memoreze was created.

Memoreze is aimed at creating unique, fun apps, which fill some obvious gaps in the marketplace. There’s always that something where you are like “Gosh I wish there was an app that did that!” That’s where Memoreze comes in.

We are now super excited about launching the Memoreze Photo Collage Book Maker App. The idea for the app came up purely by chance, when our families were vacationing together, as we often do. Each individual had some device or the other, on which he/she was clicking pictures. “Hey, take a photo on my phone too!” or “Don’t forget to text that one to me!” abounded. After hearing such statements about 27 times, we started thinking. There has got to be a way to easily share photos among people, in an easy, quick and beautiful way. See, that’s where being two women comes in handy – beauty was part of the equation from day one. We didn’t just want photo after photo – we wanted a digital photo book with stunning collages that you could flip through and ooh and aah over. A digital book which could be easily created, with a gazillion pictures that everyone and their brother takes nowadays. A digital book which could be shared easily with friends, who could not only view it, but also add to it their own photo collage pages. A digital book where you could get personalized free-form signatures (like in a yearbook), and also group chat. And the Memoreze Photo Collage Book Maker App was born.


Ms. Deepti Panchawagh-Jain is the CEO & Co-founder of Memoreze. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (EE) from Princeton University, and went on to Stanford University for her Master’s in EE. After that, she went to law school at Boalt Hall in UC Berkeley, and had a successful private practice as a patent attorney. She is also experienced in Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.


Ms. Smita Dharmaraj is the CTO & Co-founder of Memoreze. She got her Master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University. She has expertise in various aspects of app and other software development. Her breadth of experience is demonstrated by her work at numerous well-known companies, including Sun Microsystems, VMWare and Yahoo!.