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Memoreze LLC Launches its Photo Collage Book Maker App

February 5, 2015

The Memoreze Photo Collage Book Maker App – create digital books of photo collages quickly and automatically.  Share the book with friends and they can see all the photos and add their own photo collages as well.  Everyone joining a book can participate in group chats and even get personalized free-form signatures within the book.

Memoreze LLC ( is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative photo-sharing app, the Memoreze Photo Collage Book Maker for the iOS platform.  The app makes it quick and easy to organize photos into digital books of collages. Invite friends to join and they can add their photos to the collage book. Everyone can also participate in a group chat and get cool free-form signatures as well. Eventually, each book becomes a collection of picture collages created by the people who made the occasion special in the first place. Flipping through the book’s pages is a pleasant walk down memory lane. Each user can have multiple beautiful books, each one focusing on a different event or theme.

Memoreze is distinct in allowing users to share numerous photos in well-organized books of collages.  While collage making apps are available, they provide the user with very limited abilities. Deepti Panchawagh-Jain, CEO & co-founder of Memoreze LLC, explains: “The currently available collage making apps restrict you to just one collage at a time. But think of how many photos you take at each event – how can one collage possibly do justice to them? Memoreze brings you a seamless way to create a stunning book full of collages.”

The app uses patent pending technology to provide its users with a unique experience. Reunions, weddings, trips, graduations, girls’ nights-out and parties are just some of the examples of occasions where the Memoreze app can facilitate quick sharing of photos with the relevant set of people, and collecting everyone’s pictures in one place with a beautiful collage-filled photo book. Since signatures can be requested and obtained as well, the app can also be used by sports teams and different types of clubs to create and enjoy yearbook type memory books.

The Memoreze Photo Collage Book Maker App is available on the Apple App Store beginning the 5th of February. It can be downloaded here. It is currently available free of charge. The Android version will follow. For more information, take a look at the video at

Memoreze LLC is a Silicon Valley startup founded by two Stanford alumnae. The company focuses on developing apps which are unique, fun, and fill gaps in the marketplace.